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May 23, 1995 | General News



The mass show of abhorrence for the mismanagement of Ghana's economy gained international recognition with extensive coverage by CNN and the BBC. CNN transmitted the march live, while BBC devoted considerable air time to the event.

According to our US and other foreign sources, the CNN coverage gave the international community real, first hand information about the level of discontent against the NDC government. The much vaunted economic success and strongman image of Jerry Rawlings has suffered a big jolt as a result.

The organisers estimate the number of marchers at 100,000, certainly the biggest single demonstration in the nation's history. The milling crowd included people of all ages and their resolve proved that the so called peace in the country has, all along, been the opeace of the graveyards.

The extensive coverage accorded the march by the BBC served to expose the lies and disinformation put up by GBC. It was an opportunity for the organisers to state their side of the story, as opposed to the government monologue of lies served by GBC.

Describing the event as the "largest in recent years" and the "first major show of opposition to the Rawlings regime in thirteen years," BBC put participation in the march at "tens of thousands."

Responding to questions, Nana Akufo Addo, spokesman for the Alliance for Change, put the responsibility for the violence that erupted squarely on the government which, he said, hired and armed thugs to disrupt the march. Asked whether his group accepted responsibility for the violence he replied emphatically, "Absolutely none, none whatsoever."

Nana Akufo Addo said that "Kume Preko" "provided a forum for people to express their dissatisfaction with what is going on." He described charges that the organisers had whipped up emotions as "blatant lies."

Nana Akufo Addo said that the only regrets the Alliance for Change has is that Ghana is "still in the grip of people who have a very, very warped idea of a democratic system of government."

The other problem, he said, is of people in power who feel that they should hod on to power without question, at all costs.

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