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Carly Fleishmann receives Multicultural Achievement Award

By MBC Global Press Room
Carly Fleishmann receives Multicultural Achievement Award

Verbal ability does not stop 13-year from educating others about Autism

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., USA (June 24, 2008). Carly Fleishmann, a 13-year-old Autistic girl from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has received the first Multicultural Achievement Award from MBC Global for 2008. MBC Global, a cultural education organization based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA, presented the award after viewing a story produced by Canada's CTV.

“Leadership is not a person, it is a culture – a set of ways people act, react, work, relax, and think based on their life's experiences”, says MBC Global President Rick Weaver. “People that have been placed in roles of leadership do not always fit the culture of leadership. Likewise people that are not in traditional leadership roles may very well display the characteristics of the culture of leaders. Carly has demonstrated strong leadership characteristics in presenting the thoughts and feelings of a culture of very special people.”

Even though Carly cannot verbalize her words she has learned to spell and type. Her writings are among the most inspirational you will ever read, demonstrating wisdom far beyond her years.

“Her writings show she understands the leadership quality of empathy” adds Weaver. “She is able to get into our hearts and minds with the way she expresses herself.

Weaver admits a special connection to Carly and her family as his own son is Autistic.

“She is giving me insight into an unknown part of my son's personal, giving me a new appreciation for his talents and feelings,” Weaver states.

Carly knows the importance of empathy over sympathy. That is, she knows to help someone you need to know how they feel as opposed to feeling sorry for them. “You say you to want to help me,” she says, “but how can you when you don't know what its like to be me.”

Carly, like all great leaders, also understands human potential. “I recently learned that dreams can come true,” she writes, “and that if a child like me or their parents dream is for them to communicate one day.” Of course her dream has been fulfilled.

Carly is also humble. “I am a girl with autism that learned how to spell and is now able to tell people what I think. It's not like I built a thousand houses in New Orleans or found a way for people who don't have food get food. I think the only thing I can say is don't give up your inner voice. It will find its way out. Mine did.”

You can read more of Carly's writings at the MBC Global website:

Prior honorees of MBC Global's Multicultural Achievement Award include Biggby Coffee of Lansing, Michigan; The Executive Network based in Brazil; Pizza Patron of Dallas, Texas; Canadian television producer Zarqa Nawaz; Pepsi, Stamford (CT) Schools, and William Zehnder. Each recipient has made a notable contribution recognizing at least two cultures important to cultural commerce or understanding.

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