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Disabled in Upper East asked to Patronize NYEP


Mrs. Agnes Chigabatia, Upper East Deputy Regional Minister, on Tuesday advised disabled youth in the region who have skills to patronize the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP).
She assured them of the support of the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) saying, “the RCC is very happy about the efforts you have made individually to live independent lives and would continue to support you to achieve your desired aspirations.”
Mrs. Chigabatia said this when she inaugurated the Regional Federation of the Disabled Youth made up of the blind , deaf and physically challenged in Bolgatanga.
She said the government, in its quest to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities, had introduced programmes and policies that would help make life bearable to the disabled.
“The various youth leadership training institutes, craft centres, special schools for the education of the visually impaired and the deaf and dumb had been established throughout the country to cater for the educational and training needs of people with various forms of disabilities”, she said.
She said the RCC, through its Municipal and District assemblies, was supporting disabled young people in their education through sponsorship packages that include payment of school fees and their transport needs.

Mrs. Chigabatia urged those in schools to study hard and aim at achieving the best education could give them.
She told them that the country's universities and other tertiary institutions were opened to all who had the right qualification regardless of their physical structure or sight.
The federation elected a new Executive with Mr. Mark Akubire as the Chairman, Jamilo Osman, Vice Chairman and Mr. Ania David, Secretary.
Mr. Akubire appealed to people not to discriminate against the disabled and see them only as beggars or nuisance but accord them the respect due everyone.
He appealed to the politicians and the public to avoid conflict during the political campaign period as well as the voting day as the vulnerable suffers most when there is violence.
Mr. Akubire appealed to NGOs and kind people to help their new office in Bolgatanga with stationary and means of transport.

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