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02.06.2008 NPP News

CPP better than NDC, NPP – Nduom’s Man

By Gye Nyame Concord
CPP better than NDC, NPP – Nduom’s Man
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A member of the Convention People's Party (CPP) 2008 election campaign team, Mr. Felix Amoah, says the party is getting popular with more credible parliamentary candidates for the coming elections, making local organization and campaigning very exciting.

According to him the CPP would have at least 100 popular, resourceful and competitive parliamentary candidates across the country capable of winning parliamentary seats for the party in this year's elections.

“From Mfantseman West to Upper Denkyira East, from Pusiga to Bimbilla, across to Damongo, from Bia to Jasikan, Asamankese to Tamale, our parliamentary candidates are gaining more and more grounds,” he stated.

He said the party would win the 2008 elections and go back to the Flagstaff House, adding “we are working to become one of the two parties to be in the round run-off after the December 7 elections.”

Mr. Amoah was speaking at a press conference organized by the party in Accra on Thursday to announce the situational account of the CPP campaign.

He said the CPP campaign team had been going from polling station to polling station in all the constituencies in the country to recruit new members for the party through a national movement led mostly by young men and women across the country.

“We are registering tens of thousands of new members to help build a new CPP and get it ready for the 2008 elections”, he stressed.

According to supporters of the party who supported other parties in previous elections were coming back.

“Our most enthusiastic members are young men and women who have discovered the CPP tradition and want to help make it a successful party for the 21st century. Ghanaians want an alternative after their experience with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP),” he intimated.

Mr. Amoah said Dr. Nduom's statement during the party's flagbearership race that his vision was to create a just and disciplined society with a passion for excellence and a per capita income of at least $5,000 in the next five to ten years is one of the key issues most traders, drivers, trade unions mentioned when Dr. Ndoum interacted with them.

This, he said, would be accompanied by broad-based improvements in social indicators such as infant mortality rate, maternal mortality, life expectancy and enrolment rates for both boys and girls in the country.

“For these goals to be met, a CPP administration led by its flag bearer Dr. Nduom will accelerate industrialization and development of our human capital. We must ensure that we act differently from what we have been doing since independence,” he stressed

He noted that Dr. Nduom would put quality education high on his agenda to enable the country meet the demands of the global econom.

That will be girded by technical-Skills based, including computer training, to encourage the youth to take their place as disciplined and hard working citizens.

He said one important quality that distinguishes Dr. Nduom from Prof. Mills and Nana Akufo-Addo flag bearers of the NDC and the NPP respectively is the legislative portion of his agenda which he noted is intended to strengthen local governance and Parliament.

“He will sponsor legislation to remove the provision in the constitution that allows Members of Parliament to also serve as Ministers of state. Parliament must be seen as an important end in itself and not a stepping stone to joining the Executive,” he said.

Mr. Amoah added that dealing with corruption will be crucial because the activities of public officials can destroy the effectiveness of all types of government programmes, hinder development and victimize individuals and groups.

“Dr. Nduom will make this a top priority item to do. He will make the Office of Attorney General an independent prosecutor's organization separate from the Ministry of Justice to make it effective in fighting corruption at all levels”, he noted

He noted that the flagbearer strongly believes that communities in the area closer to oil and gas productions must be redeveloped using modern planning methods and global standards to ensure that they benefit from their proximity to enable them to protect oil and gas assets and be a testimony to the drive for prosperity and healthy communities.

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