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15.05.2008 General News

Give peace a chance -President of Northern Dev`t Forum

By Chris Twum - Ghanaian Chronicle
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The Northern Development Forum (NDF) has appealed to the feuding Mamprusis and Kusasis in Bawku, to close their ranks and give peace a chance.

This is the only way it believes development could be brought to the area.

The President of the Forum, Dr. H. Wemah, made this passionate appeal in Accra, when the National Council of Ghanaians Association in New York, made a donation of an amount US$5,000, to victims of the recent disaster, which hit parts of the three northern regions.

He has thus appealed to the feuding factions, to bury their individual differences, and give peace a chance.

This formed part of series of donations, made by Ghanaians living outside the country, to the disaster victims.

Dr. H. Wemah said the recent disaster, which hit parts of the three northern regions, had affected the level of production in the agricultural sector.

Dr. Wemah cited that the impact of the disaster, had created a big gap, and had contributed to price hikes of food stuffs, over the last couple of months, in the area.

“Plans are far advanced by the NDF, to have talks with the government, to find ways of boosting agricultural activities amongst farmers, to support the people in the Northern region,” he said.

Dr. Wemah also touched on the latest developments in Bawku, and made references on negative, offensive, derogatory and inflammatory writeups by media houses, which are not abreast with information, but rather write on the issue, without being properly informed.

“Such writeups go to aggravate the situation, and actual reason thereof. These comments often do not do any good to the people of the North,” he added.

The Northern Development Forum (NDF) received the donation, on behalf of the victims.

On his part, Nana Kofi Amposah, the Asantefohene of New York, who did the presentation, said the amount was to help alleviate the sufferings, of the affected people in that part of the country, which was hit by the storm. “We are aware that Ghanaians in the North, who were affected by the floods, last year, did not suffer huge volume of deaths, yet some were displaced, and had their livelihoods affected negatively,” he said.

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