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13.05.2008 NPP News

NPP on warpath...against NDC propaganda

By The Statesman
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In its determination to retain power in the December elections, the NPP government has expressed its firm resolve to wage a relentless war against the negative propaganda being pursued by the opposition, especially the NDC, to paint a wrong picture about the government s performance.

According to the Minister for Information and National Orientation, Stephen Asamoah-Boateng (pictured), the worst thing that could ever happen to the nation would be to allow the NDC to return to the corridors of political power through their negative propaganda intended to deceive the electorate into believing that "they care for them', and that their return to power would be a blessing to the nation.

'I m poised to lead the fight; and we will not allow them to continue to deceive the people. We are set to embark on a vigorous campaign to showcase the positive achievements of the government,' he stated at the weekend in Cape Coast.

The Minister was addressing District Information Officers, together with Municipal and District Chief Executives, from the Central Region, to brief them on the new direction and approach to deliver their mandate.

While calling for effective collaboration between the (M)DCEs and the Information Officers in the discharge of their duties, Mr Boateng warned that 'any deliberate and consistent attempt to sabotage' the government's determination to make the true information available to the people will be dealt with appropriately.

He charged the Information Officers to "tell the true story" about what the government has achieved for the nation, adding "when you are telling the truth about what you know and can bear witness to, you can't stand accused of being partisan."

The Minister added: "People are going about misinforming the people that the nation's Constitution stipulates that every eight years one government should leave for another to take over. You know this is a lie, and it is your responsibility as Information Officers to make the people know the truth."

Mr Asamoah Boateng further urged the Information Officers to employ all the modes of communication available to them to facilitate the free flow of information in the system, instead of relying only on the Information Vans, stressing "don't be part of the problem, but be part of the solution by propagating what the government has done."

The Minister announced that a training programme would soon be executed to help improve the capacities of the Officers to enable them deal expertly with some basic and key governmental issues, and to further improve their general performance.

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