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12.05.2008 General News

Parliamentarian Urges Chiefs To Assist Revenue Generation For Development


Mrs Alice Boon, Member of Parliament for Lambussie in the Upper West Region has appealed to chiefs in the newly created Lambussie-Karni District to assist the assembly in efforts to mobilise revenue to undertake more development projects.


She reminded the people that development was a collective responsibility between them and the government.   


Mrs Boon made the appeal when addressing the first ordinary session of the assembly at Lambussie. Issues to be discussed would include, medium term development plan, the assembly's logo and approve 2008 fee fixing resolution, the annual estimates, supplementary budget and form executive and sub-committees.


She noted that their aspirations could not be achieved when they failed to complement government's development efforts.


Mrs Boon urged the people not to allow political differences to affect the district's development adding, 'We need to attach more importance to the development agenda of the district to achieve our development objectives.'


Mr Yelviel-Dong Baligi, Lambussie-Karni District Chief Executive, expressed concern about the weak revenue mobilisation base of the assembly and called for pragmatic measures to revamp its sub-structures to increase revenue.



He announced that the assembly received 30,000 Ghana Cedis from Jirapa District Assembly as seed money and realised 1,237.51 Ghana cedis as revenue from its major markets.


Mr Baligi stressed the need for the assembly to work harder to improve on its revenue mobilisation through the active involvement of stakeholders and institute measures to generate more revenue.


He said inadequate staff, office and residential accommodation, office equipment and means of transport were some of the challenges facing the assembly.


Madam Clare Der, Presiding Member of the assembly urged the members to be committed to its work, their communities and perform creditable despite the numerous challenges facing them.


She urged the people, especially the assembly members not to allow pettiness, trivialities, political division and personality cults to cloud their vision to lose interest in development efforts of the district.


'Misunderstanding could sometimes arise among us but let us make the development of the district our common aim,' she said.