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06.05.2008 General News

Exchanging leave holidays for money is illegal - Labour Commission

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Mr Paul Amegee, a Research Officer at the National Labour Commission has urged workers, especially those in the private sector, to insist on taking their leave holidays rather than forfeit that right in exchange of money, which is illegal.

Addressing the inaugural meeting of Journalists for Human Rights at a two-day workshop at Elmina, Mr Amegee observed that many employers were coercing their employees to work during their leave periods for extra pay.

He said that practice was detrimental to the country's labour force and that it was compulsory for everybody to go on leave for at least 15 days in a year excluding sick leave.

Mr Amegee said the Commission would take action against anyone found to have sold or bought a leave holidays.

He advised stakeholders to respect the Labour Law to forestall frequent labour unrests in the country.

Mr Amegee said the Commission had received a total of 1,874 petitions from 2005 to 2007 and resolved 457.

He stated that many strikes in the country were illegal because they were embarked upon without due process.

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