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29.04.2008 Education

Lecturer introduces dressing code for students

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A Mathematics lecturer at the University of Education, Winneba, who believes his students dress “improperly” to his lecturers may have found a new solution.

The lecturer Dr Samuel Asiedu-Addo has introduced a dress code for students who attend his lectures.

Speaking to Ghana News Agency at Winneba on Monday, Dr Asiedu-Addo said the men were expected to put on white long-sleeved shirt over black trousers, belt and shoes with a flying tie.

The women would put on white on top over a black skirt with a flying tie or muffler and he would put on coat over the attire by the men.

Dr Asiedu-Addo explained that the measure was to eliminate indiscipline and introduce decent dressing on campus.

He said the measure the first in a tertiary institution in the country was not compulsory for other students adding, “some lecturers from other faculties and departments have planned to emulate me.”

“Students to my lectures should look decent as any other professionals because teaching is a noble profession. Teachers should make teaching attractive, enjoyable and be proud,” he added.

Even though the school authorities are yet to make a statement on the new rule, most students this reporter spoke to expressed shock at the lecturers rule.

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