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24.04.2008 General News

Legon sets security guards on Journalists

By Michael Addo - Ghanaian Chronicle
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A timely intervention by a good Samaritan saved Journalists from being turned into punching bags by University of Ghana security men. The journalists, who had been invited by the Students Representatives Council (SRC) to a press conference, were heckled and the speeches that were given to them were also seized by the security men, who were supposedly acting upon instructions of the university authorities.

It all started when the Journalists got to the conference grounds, which was to be addressed by the SRC vice President, Nii Adokwei Cudjo, but were asked to vacate the hall by the University's security guards with the reason that the press conference was not approved by the University Authorities.

The guards then mounted body search on the Journalists and forcibly took away the written speech which was to be delivered by the vice President, which had earlier been given to them.

But Nii Adokwei Cudjoe, who was determined to get his message across, managed to get some of the speeches back to the reporters. The speech contained information describing how the ruling New Patriotic Party has infiltrated the Legon SRC, leading tothe SRC President working in concert with the University management to continually pass inhuman policies on the students.

It further affirmed the reckless and unbridled looting of student funds, total lack of transparency, abuse of office for personal gratification, disregard to the SRC constitution, total neglect of due process in the running of the SRC and the commercialization of the student leadership at the expense of core duties by the Executive officers.

“The SRC of the University is dead on campus and worse ever in history. I am sad for the students whose mandate we have grossly abused” the Vice-President said
Nii Adokwei Cudjoe disclosed that during the last SRC election, the NPP administration spent over GH¢10,000 in their campaign, aside monies that were used to bribe their way and rig the elections for their eventual victory.

According to him, the SRC leadership has justified this investment by using its influence, coupled with the help of the party agents on campus, to affect smaller elections such as nominations to the General Assembly.

The SRC has also maintained a complete silence on legitimate concerns of students and policies that are unfavourable to government. “As Vice-President of the SRC, I can say on authority that there is no single office, committee, commission, council or board of strategic importance to the SRC that has not been crippled by infestation of political party interference and infiltration” he said.

He revealed that the Council President has made moves with the University administration in pursuing policies inimical to students' interest.

“Not only has she failed to support students in their quest to advocate for their rights but she has consistently acted to frustrate those student initiations” he said
He said that the University administration and government have also lived up to their side of the bargain, such that, Ms Louise Carol has succeeded in being the most travelled SRC President to date. “Her travels are for reasons best known to her and least known to even myself the Vice President” he said

He said that as a means to pave way for their fraudulent activities, the administration has marginalized the Finance Committee Chairman of the SRC to enable the President and the Treasure become sole signatories to the student's accounts.

He further stated that the abysmal flop and the disgrace which characterized the SRC Week celebration have everything to do with corrupt practices that sought to put square pegs in round holes and the maximization of profit for individual benefits.

He complained that there was an occasion where clandestine executive meetings where held without his knowledge and also did not know whereabouts of the SRC President one day until she was on board a flight.

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