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24.04.2008 Politics

Adopt missionary journalism - Awuni tells journalists

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Mr Andrew Awuni, Press Secretary to the President, on Wednesday appealed to journalists to dwell on issues that would move the nation forward.

He said journalists should practise their profession responsibly and strive to shape the opinion of people in a positive way.

Mr Awuni said this when he met journalists at Bolgatanga and spoke to them about government policies.

“Journalists should not be impartial observers. We cannot afford that at this time that the country is at the cross-roads of destiny and important decisions have to be made that would either keep the economy on its fast developing path, or jeopardize our destiny”, he said.

Mr Awuni said journalists played a crucial role in the struggle for independence and their efforts paid off well.

"Such active journalism and self-sacrifice on the part of journalists is still needed to propel the country into a middle income status.”

Mr. Awuni said the economy, by universal standards, was doing well and if that continued by 2015, the nation would become a middle income economy.

He said the present Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 6.3 per cent, low inflation of 13 per cent, good infrastructure and progressive plans for the energy sector needed hands that would continue with the good works and plans for future prosperity of the country.

Mr. Awuni appealed to journalists to help the people to choose a leadership that would develop the nation and build a prosperous legacy for the next generation.

Mr. Alhassan Samari, Upper East Regional Minister, said the country had experienced a dramatic positive change since 2001 and called on journalists to educate the public on it so as appreciate the work of government.

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