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17.04.2008 General News

The law and the citizen

By Accra Mail
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We must apologise if our lead story today leaves the reader cross-eyed. Matters relating to law often do that!

We were equally bewildered when we were presented with many court documents on the case.

The rule is that we cannot comment on a case that is sub judice . We respect that rule but we believe that this particular case has run its course many times over and the petitioner has been compelled to appeal to the Chief Justice.

Can the law be used to frustrate a citizen, who clearly is within the law in making certain legitimate demands? We believe so and are convinced that this case is one such example. We pray the Chief Justice to use her good offices to look at this senior citizen's plight and resolve it once and for all for him.

The length of time and the number of adjournments this ordinary traffic litigation has taken does not speak well of our judicial system. Justice delayed, we are told is justice denied. It is not too late; though this case has been unduly delayed, justice can still prevail.

We also hope that the Minister of Justice and CHRAJ would take note.

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