16.04.2008 General News

Break in Railway Workers’ Front

16.04.2008 LISTEN
By Innocent Appiah -

THE just ended railways workers stri-ke has taken another dimension as a group calling itself 'Concerned Workers of Railways' has accused some members of the interim leadership of the workers of rebelling against management to prevent it from unearthing financial impropriety against them.

It also described as 'unfortunate' the resignation of Awulae Agyeifi Kwame II, Omanhene of Nsein, as a member of the investigative committee set up by the Ministry of Ports, Harbours and Railways to probe the grievances of the workers.

Awulae Kwame is also a board member of the Ghana Railway Company (GRC).

Numbering about 35 and drawn from Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi, the group expressed its concerns to journalists in Accra on Saturday in response to a Ghanaian Times publication about the resignation of Awulae Kwame from the committee citing protests from the workers about his inclusion which they said could prejudice the committee's findings.

The group called for a forensic audit into the finances of the GRC alleging that some members of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) had gone into the company's cash office and taken huge sums of money. To hide their nefarious activities and for fear of exposure, they are misleading the entire workforce, the group said.

'We know that some of these rebels who claim to be fighting for the interest of the workers have taken large sums of money, of about GH¢400,000, from the chief cashier and we suspect that it is because of this that they are preventing the Managing Director from entering his office so as not to be exposed,' it claimed.

It said further that it believed the workers' strike action was influenced by some politicians and called on the President to intervene to restore order in the company.

The group said the action of the self-appointed union leaders had resulted in little work going on at the moment and requested that the situation be addressed to improve the company's finances.

Workers of GRC went on a six week strike and called for the sacking of their Managing Director, Rufus Quaye, for financial impropriety, among other grievances.

The National Labour Commission took the IMC of the workers to court for contravening its order to resume work but the case was withdrawn later after the workers resumed work on April 4.

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