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16.04.2008 General News

Avoiding Sex In School

By Daily Graphic
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You may find your classmates talking a lot about sex as you grow up. And some of them may go beyond such mere talk and say they have gone all the way with their boyfriends or girlfriends.

Even though some of them might say that to show off, discussions about boy/girl relationships are always a hot topic in schools.

"After every weekend or long vacation, the dormitories seem to buzz with news about who did what with explicit details shared among friends," said a 17-year-old girl in her school magazine.

You should beware of the unwholesome influence of your classmates. If they start to talk about such topics, you might be tempted to listen or even join in— and by so doing, you indirectly become part of them.

But think of the message that you are sending across. Would you like to be associated with such a group? If not why don't you shun their company?

What you should do, when you find yourself in a situation of that sort (where friends gather to talk about their experiences with girls or boys that bothers on immorality), just get up and leave.

You don't need to feel uncomfortable about excusing yourself from an immoral discussion. Surely, you will find some of your friends giggling and making funny comments as you leave but don't be perturbed, because you know what is good for you.

There are certain types of conversations that you should be able to walk away from without shame, especially if you have no interest in what is being discussed. Often, you can find a way to leave without showing that you are 'holy' so as to avoid being ridiculed.

For instance, your classmate may try to harass you or engage you in a conversation about sex. You could firmly but politely tell him or her to stop distracting you because you are just not interested. If that does not work, you could discreetly report to your teacher.

Sooner or later, some of your classmates will express curiosity why you do not join in their sordid conversations. If they ask about your morals, be careful about how you answer them.

Admittedly, some may ask merely to mock you rather than to understand your views. But if the motive of the one questioning you seems genuine, speak up proudly about your beliefs.

You may need to take strong measures if a classmate or some other acquaintance tries to touch you in an improper manner, yell at him/her to keep his or her hands off you. No one will respect you unless you make him or her do so.

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