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16.04.2008 Politics

Preparing a smooth transfer of power:A good one there, Mr. President!

By Accra Mail
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All too soon, the Kufuor Administration is talking about handing over to the next administration.

Eight years have gone by already – almost like the blink of an eye. It is a very good sign that a government, elected by the people, would also be so willing to respect the peoples' wishes, when the time comes, to hand over to a new set of administrators.

We doff out hat off to President Kufuor because if there is one manifestation of good governance, it is the cabinet retreat he has organized to start preparing the way for a smooth transition towards January 7 2009.

The retreat is not made up only of political appointees, but also includes senior civil servants and others. This is because of the pivotal role the civil service plays in ensuring that the machinery of government is kept oiled and functioning even as one administration makes way for another.

ADM has reliable information that the retreat is the official winding down of the Kufuor Administration. The government would concentrate on completing as many of the projects it initiated in its eight year rule as possible, without encumbering the new administration with any major capital expenditures. That we believe is good housekeeping.

But above all, for us, democracy can and will work, if we allow it. There is no need for a coup d'etat. Look at it, a government nearing the end of its constitutional mandate and preparing so willingly to make way when the time comes for another to take over. This is a lesson to our armed forces and an indictment against anyone who has ever used the force of arms to overthrow a constitutionally elected government.

It does not matter whether such people are dead, or whether they are still living, history's judgement is clear: You were wrong!

The right thing is what President Kufuor is doing and we hope that history would take note. A good one there, Mr. President.

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