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15.04.2008 NPP News

NPP vets E/R parliamentary aspirants

By The Statesman
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The National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party, Lord Commey said on Sunday that contesting on the NPP ticket is not a right, but a privilege. The party, he said, has the final say of who should carry its flag.

Mr Commey made this known when he briefed the media on commencement of vetting of NPP Parliamentary aspirants in the various constituencies for the 2008 general election.

He said the decision on suitability of a candidate rests solely with the National Executive Committee which acts for and on behalf of the party. He said, "the party is the final determinant of the vetting committee."

Mr Commey gave the assurance that the vetting committee would be fair to everyone in the vetting process, but said they would also be firm in the course of their work.

He said they would use the 20 point rule of the party to do the vetting, stressing more on Articles 3 and 11 which takes cognizance of the number of years one has stayed in his or her constituency and how he or she relates with his constituents. Article 3 stipulates that a candidate should stay at least two years in the constituency to qualify.

Mr. Commey made it clear that the various petitions and demonstrations by supporters of some candidates were not necessary, saying that some of them were not in tune with the rules of the game. But, he said "we have resolved some of the issues".

"They should allow us to apply the rules".

He said as the party grows, its rules and regulations also grow, while it also tries to correct some of its mistakes. Mr Commey promised that the party would continue to involve the media in its operations in order not to run into problems.

He did not hide his feeling when he said that some of the stories carried by a section of the media creates tension, making it clear that some were far from the truth, adding, "such stories are a bother to us."

The committee completed its work in the Eastern Region yesterday, having taken all the 70 contestants in the 22 constituency through the two day vetting process.

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