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15.04.2008 Crime & Punishment

Aborted Foetus Saves Thief From Lynching

By Lawrence Markwei -
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IN his attempt to drive away a Honda mini bus he had stolen from the Accra-Takoradi station at Kaneshie on Sunday, a thief ended up exposing the corpse of a baby wrapped in a polythene bag that had been dumped on a heap of refuse on the shoulder of the road.

The refuse had halted the further movement of the vehicle and as the thief lost control, the rear tyre ran over the polythene bag, exposing the foetus.

Ibrahim Musah, station manager of the Accra-Takoradi Peugeot Express Station, disclosed this to the Times on Sunday.

He said that at about 11.45 a.m. on Sunday morning, a well-dressed man took them by surprise when he entered the Honda mini bus being loaded with passengers at the station and drove off.

He said the thief was given a hot chase and in his attempt to negotiate a bend to move out of the station, he lost control.

Mr Musah said angry bystanders descended on the thief and started assaulting him, but the sight of a foetus in the polythene bag distracted their attention momentarily and he whisked the thief away to the Kaneshie police station.

When the Kaneshie Police was contacted, the Crime Officer, Mr Joe Amoah, confirmed the story and said the thief had been taken to the Police Hospital for treatment.

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