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14.04.2008 Regional News

Krobo District bans wake-keeping Funerals will also not travel beyond 6pm

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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The District Chief Executive
(DCE) for the Yilo Krobo District, Mr. Joseph Adu Tawiah, has announced a ban on wake-keepings in the district. Funerals should, as well, close before 6:00pm on weekends.

The move is to boost the performance of students in the district, who usually abandon school to attend funerals and wake-keepings.

He stressed that the government was interested in the education of the children.

Addressing the Nkurakan community, during the commissioning of GH¢80,000 new block for Nkurakan/Wawase R/C Junior High School and Primary, he expressed dismay with the abysmal attitude of the students of the Nkurakan community, in the Eastern Region, resulting in their poor performance in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

According to the DCE, he has observed that the students enjoyed attending social gatherings, especially funerals, than concentrating on their education and attending to classes.

He said sometimes he meets some of the students returning from funerals, in long distance communities, late in the night

Mr. Tawiah decried that, last year for instance, the district scored only 37.1% in the BECE. “Your performance was not good at all, because of that I had to go round the entire district to sensitise parents and teachers, to be interested in the education of the students,” he added.

Touching on the commissioning of the school, he apologized for the long delay in the completion of the school, and attributed it to the disappointing attitude of the former contractor.

He said after terminating the contract, the Assembly fell on the services of the community to use their own labour, and within one month they have been able to complete the school.

Speaking on behalf of Bishop Palmer-Buckle, the Most Rev Bishop Afrifa Agyekum also expressed concern on the ability of the students to be able to memorize all the latest songs by Ghanaian musicians, but found it difficult when it came to sitting in the classrooms, and concentrating on their books.

He appealed to parents to let the education of their wards to be their concern, and advised the teachers to also continue doing their best for the students

He noted that with the completion of the new block for the school, the old block, which had become dangerous for habitation, must be demolished.

“We do not want to wait until an accident happens, before we say if we had known,” Bishop Agyekum cautioned

He advised the Assembly to do its best to put up a fence wall, around the school, to prevent motor accidents since the school was along the main road.

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