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14.04.2008 General News

4 Victims Of Anloga Disturbances Buried

By Winston Tamakloe, Anloga -
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Three people who were killed last November in clashes between a section of Anlos and the police during the attempted installation of an Awo-mefia (overlord) for the area were buried on Saturday.

They are Israel Kormi Ahadzi, Menko Kodzo Tugba and Mama Senyo.

A fourth person, Israel Kwabla Amenume, who died in police cell at Ho, was also buried with the three.

Their burial was preceded by an inter-denominational church service at the Hogbe Park at Anloga.

Their caskets were drapped in the colours of the Anlo State (red, white and deep blue).

Among the large crowd that thronged Anlo for the burial service were former President J. J. Rawlings, some Parliamentarians, the clergy, the District Chief Executive for Keta and a host of others.

Some rituals were performed, signifying that they died of unnatural cause.

Various Agbadza groups from the Anlo State performed to bid them farewell.

There were tributes by former President Rawlings, Mr Chris Ackumey, spokesman for the Concerned Anlo Citizens Group, Torgbui Agbesi Amusu II, Awadada (warlord) of Anlo, Mr Charles Humado, MP for Anlo, Mr Edward Hayibor, DCE for Keta, Concerned Anlo citizens in the Diaspora and the University of Ghana branch of the Anlo Students Union, among others.

The theme running though the tributes was that the four people were 'people who died in their bid to defend the ancestral sacred shrine, customs, values and truths which bind Anlo lands and fight against injustice in the Anlo State.'

They said their sacrifices should encourage Anlos to become more proud of their heritage and the principles for which they died should transcend time and space.

The tributes also touched on the need for Anlos to put divisiveness behind them and cultivate unity to enable them to solve problems affecting the Anlo State.

They reiterated the need for the government to set up a Commission of Enquiry to investigate the circumstances that led to the disturbances.

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