11.04.2008 General News

Media Seminar For Developing Countries Opens In China

11.04.2008 LISTEN

Professor Liu Liqun, Dean of the Communication University of China (CUC), last Wednesday noted that the activities of the media had made the world a global village, facilitating communication and international relations.

The media she said, should therefore be expected to play its role effectively, to ensure world peace and mutual prosperity amongst nations.

Prof Liu was opening a seminar on Media and Media Education for 43 journalists drawn from 22 developing countries in the Chinese capital of Beijing. The 15-day seminar was being organised jointly by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, and the CUC.

Prof Liu expressed the hope that the seminar, an exchange development programme, would go a long way to enhance China's policy of opening to the outside world. She said it would also deepen her friendship and understanding of the developing world.

Prof Yang Xiuwen, Vice-Dean of the International Communications College of CUC, stressed the need to sustain the programme in order to strengthen the bond of relationship among developing countries.

Ms Ljiljana Toskovic of the Embassy of Montenegro, thanked the organiser for the seminar and hoped the participants would use such experiences to help shape the destiny of the developing world.

The participants are from Ghana, Liberia, Benin, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ethiopia, Congo, Vietnam, Grenada, Montenegro, Nepal, Seychelles and Kenya.

The rest are from Fays, Myanmar, Eritrea, Macedonia, Lesotho, Afghanistan, Vanuatu, Timor and Micronesia.

Participants will be taken through lectures related to basic conditions of China, traditional Chinese culture, higher education development process in China and the countries co-operation and communication with other developing nations.

They will also learn about the history and policies of international communication in china, the history and status quo of Chinese media, history of development and status quo of higher education for the media in China, cultivation of Chinese media talents and the international communication of media education in developing countries.

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