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05.04.2008 Editorial

DFP’s Day

By Daily Guide
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Today the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) is heading for another rung on the ladder of Ghana's political history as the party goes to the polls.

We might not have observed it, but the event is adding another feather to our political cap as a democracy and we relish the feat.
We congratulate the party for having reached this far, a feat some cynics had dismissed as unfeasible especially when the idea of a secession was mooted.

Having hit this milestone, it appears that the membership of the party is determined to go the full hog to inscribe its name on the marble of Ghana's political history.

The political climate is in their favour because the country is now devoid of the tyrannical tendencies of yesteryears when a different set of Ghanaians were at the helm of affairs.

When he broke away from the party he worked indefatigably to establish and build, Dr. Obed Yao Asamoah rightly told his compatriots that things were horrible in the house from where he had decamped.

He was able to pull away and establish another grouping, drawing support from other citizens who share his dreams and similar ideals.

With the rule of law fully rooted in the life of the nation, the leadership and rank and file of the party is assured of a climate which permits them to engage in political activities as they are doing today without apprehension.

They would not look over their shoulders to find out whether some Gestapo-like characters are not lurking around to pick them away or murder and dump their remains on the Accra plains.

Some one thousand five hundred delegates of the party will be converging on Accra Polytechnic to choose national executives.

Above all, the delegates would be tasked to choose the man or woman who would bear the party's flag when Ghana goes to the polls in December.

Nobody has put pressure on anybody to step down, we have learnt with delight, nor has anybody been compelled to give way to another because the founder prefers it that way.

The bitter lessons of unruliness like the one which nearly cost the patron his life and those of others as per an orchestrated plan to eliminate people sympathetic to him, we believe will not be lost to the leadership and indeed all the members of the party as they soldier on.

The process the party is going through between today and tomorrow is another pointer to the distance Ghana has covered in its practice of democracy.

The genesis of the DFP is steeped in a history full of political lessons. That a part of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was able to secede and form another political association which seeks to eventually wield power that could shape the destiny of the country no doubt underscores the freedom of association and others prevailing across the country.

As the delegates go in to cast their votes for who they want to lead them, we ask that they do so with the love of Ghana at the centre of it all.

If we fail to consider the interest of Ghana as the prime factor in whatever we do in our various political parties, our activities would amount to naught.

We congratulate the DFP and wish them a happy and fruitful congress devoid of acrimony, bitterness and Azorka Boys.

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