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05.04.2008 PPP News

Nduom Goes Painting

By Daily Guide
Nduom Goes Painting
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WE ARE months away from the general elections; months from a historic choice which will decide our country's direction. That choice in my view is simple; 27 years of P/NDC – NPP (mis) rule or CPP. Same old tired P/NDC – NPP versus a revitalised CPP.

New CPP, New Ghana will form the basis of the manifesto on which the CPP will fight the election.

To me it is not a policy compendium. It will not be CPP's last word; rather it lays the foundation for the new Ghana CPP is seeking to build. It is about people, about their lives, it is about people's hopes and fears. The principles underlying the document when read would be very familiar to CPP activists in the past.

It is a rediscovery of the essence of CPP. A Party that speaks up for the weak as well as the strong, a party that knows that an individual thrives best within a strong and unified society, and a Party that believes in basic standards and a moral code. CPP has given our dear country most of its greatest assets and achievements today but we lost touch with the people and some of our own basic beliefs. We lost elections and lost touch with our people.

So yes, there has been a revolution inside our Party. We have rejected the worst of our past and rediscovered the best, and in rediscovering the best we have made ourselves fit to face the future and fit to govern Ghana, the whole of Ghana in the long term interest of all. Dear reader, there is a big idea here. It is about creating a society that is genuinely One Nation in which the CPP seeks to realise the potential of all Ghanaians.

New CPP New Ghana puts the CPP where it belongs, as the Party of all the people. That is the divide in Ghanaian politics; (P) NDC/ NPP that runs Ghana in the short term interest of a few at the top and a new CPP that will govern Ghana for us all. A CPP government would want you to send your child to a state school that is as good as any private school, to be treated at a hospital that is as good and staffed properly if not better than what you can buy privately.

CPP wants you not to just have a job but a career with prospects and a decent pay. Constituent with the high services you need, CPP believes that you should be able to keep as much of the money you earn, save and spend as and when you feel like it. CPP wants a Ghana that holds its head high in Africa and the world; a country that other countries take notice of positively. CPP's pledge to you is that nothing will stand in its way in achieving those aims by the best method possible, no special or privileged interests, no outdated thinking, and no government bureaucracy.

The CPP is seeking to make the good that is in the heart of each of us serve the good of all Ghanaians. CPP intends to give to our country the gift of our energy, our ideas, our hopes, and our talents. CPP intends to use them to build a country whose people will say that “I care about Ghana because I know that Ghana cares about me”. Ghana, head and heart, can be unbeatable. That is the Ghana CPP is offering. That is the Ghana that together can be ours.

By: Ben Attah Hayford, London

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