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05.04.2008 General News

IEA Proposes Programmes Towards Election 2008

By   GNA
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The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) yesterday proposed six intervention channels designed to reduce the political temperature and provide a peaceful and serene environment for the 2008 elections.
Mrs Jean Mensa, Administrator, IEA, in a press release in Accra, said
the six components - Voter Education, Presidential Debates, Town Hall Meetings, Peace Broadcasts, Women's Training and Marketing and Election Monitoring - were to meaningfully contribute to the deepening of multiparty democracy in the country.
It said the voter education component would be carried out in 100 selected constituencies in three phases - education on the voters' registration exercise, issues to consider in voting for a candidate and how to vote. The education programme would be in English and all major local languages.
The press release said IEA was considering two presidential debates comprising published written answers of the presidential candidates to questionnaires in Accra and Tamale to afford the electorate the opportunity to assess the suitability of the candidates and to make an informed choice on who to vote for.
'The Presidential debates will therefore introduce an issues-driven approach to the Presidential Campaign and enable the campaign to shift from one of personality accusations and attacks which have been the norm of African electoral campaigns.'
On the Town Hall component, parliamentary candidates in 50 selected constituencies would be arranged to meet the electorate and outline their programmes to them and answer questions.
 There would also be three to five minutes pre-recorded 'peace messages'
on radio and television from leaders of registered political parties.
The release said another component was to train aspiring women parliamentary candidates on techniques of fund raising, communication skills
and message packaging.  It said the election monitoring programme was designed to cover campaigns of political parties, media coverage, the electoral process, voting and declaration of results.

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