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02.04.2008 Politics

Ankrah Files Nomination

By Daily Graphic
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An electrical engineer, Mr Seth Ankrah, last Friday filed his nomination to seek election to contest the parliamentary seat of the Trobu-Amasaman Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He said his decision to contest to represent the interest of the people was borne out from the fact that the area was so deprived that it needed someone who understood the peculiarities of the area and the ability to articulate them.

Moreover, he said, with his experience in the private sector, he was in the position to make the right contacts to bring about positive changes in the area.

Mr Ankrah was speaking to the Daily Graphic after filing his nomination forms.

He said the constituency, which was less than 25 kilometres to the nation's capital, was so deprived in terms of facilities and worsened by land degradation.

He said the problem of land degradation had resulted in most of the constituents living in abject poverty, since most of them were peasant farmers, and that their conditions were compounded with the problem of Buruli ulcer.

Mr Ankrah, who has had a working experience with R. T. Briscoe, GIHOC Pharmaceutical Division and Mobil Oil Ghana, where he worked for 23 years before going on voluntary retirement in 2003, said he had what it took to articulate the problems of the constituents and get the assistance from the government and non-governmental organisations.

He said he intended to find a way out of the prevailing high dropout rate by encouraging parents to see the education of their children as their assets.

According to him, educating the children to the highest level would enable the children to fit better into society and also cater for the parents in their old age.

Mr Ankrah, who has also travelled widely to Nigeria, Senegal, Egypt, Sierra Leone and Hungary on various courses, said with his experience in a multinational corporation, “I hope to tap on my contacts to help uplift the image of the constituency”.

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