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02.04.2008 Editorial

Disagreeing With The NDC

By Daily Guide
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At the recently concluded Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)-organized workshop for media practitioners and politicians, interesting revelations cropped up, all for the good of our fledgling democracy though.

Although the initial stages of the give-and-take engagement were characterized by heated accusations and counter-accusations over who indeed was fouling the political atmosphere, it all ended well, with no bones broken.

Interesting but eye-opening revelations were made by the eggheads and professional media personnel who assembled at the Akosombo venue, courtesy of the Dutch taxpayers' purse.

The disclosures of Prof Kwame Karikari for us spoke volumes about how far Ghana has come as regards democratic practice in relation to the contribution.

The culmination of a long and tedious study, no doubt, the Prof's presentation gave a thumbs-up to the country's progress.

His conclusion that as the country heads for another test of its democratic credentials at the end of the year, there is less fear and tension did not go down well with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) elements at the workshop, especially Dr. Kwabena Adjei.

His umbrage at what for us was the outright truth stands out as an appropriate study in political insincerity.

Much as the party's National Chairman sought to create the impression that there is fear and tension, in disagreement with his colleague academic, he failed to convince those who preferred to go along with the truth and reality on the ground.

We find it difficult to comprehend why some personalities would want to post a picture of fear and tension in a country which is basking in a sea of peace and upholding of human rights.

Considering where we are coming from only those who choose to be economic with the truth would want to attempt creating such a gloomy picture.

Thanks though that the truth is not far-fetched. Here is a political grouping seeking political power by all means.

With radio callers not looking around to see if they are being watched, our prisons devoid of political prisoners and abductions out of the equation, we think that the Prof's conclusion is sound.

The premises upon which the conclusion is based are solid and verifiable.

Though now confined to the dustbin of our political history, the bloody and nasty incidents witnessed in pre-election months of a previous period are documented and verifiable.

Have we so soon forgotten the military exercises conducted in civilian built-up areas during the heady days of the Rawlings administration?

For those who cannot remember, Accra once upon a time witnessed a battle simulation. An imaginary enemy attack was enacted as vehicular movements were halted in some parts of the city, an unprecedented development whose ultimate goal was to send fear down the spine of citizens.

There is no doubt Ghana has witnessed mammoth strides these past years, feats which have been acknowledged by international bodies.

We associate ourselves with a recent assertion by Nana Akufo-Addo that although there is still room for improvement, Ghana has not done badly these past few years.

It would therefore be a mark of hypocrisy and insincerity to imagine and even attempt creating a different picture of the true situation.

Dr. Kwabena Adjei who without doubt reflects the mendacious and tendentious position of the NDC would do himself and his party a lot of good by being truthful and avoiding lies which are certainly not qualities of a gentleman and a serious party.

Perhaps we are expecting the impossible from a party built and nurtured on fear.

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