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01.04.2008 NDC News

Keta Cadres To Assist NDC

By Daily Graphic
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Functionaries of the People's National Defence Council (PNDC) in the Keta Municipality in the Volta Region of Ghana have indicated their preparedness to assist the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to ensure victory in the 2008 elections.

At a meeting convened in Keta by Comrade Paul Ametepe, they expressed their commitment to the NDC and pledged their readiness to assist the party in various capacities to ensure that it won the December 2008 elections.  

The funstionaries who are referred as the cadres called on the Electoral Commission (EC) in the municipality to ensure fair, open and transparent elections.

The cadres also reaffirmed their resolve to rally behind their sitting Members of Parliament (MP), especially Mr Clement Kofi Humado of the Anlo Constituency, to win his seat for the second time in order to consolidate the good work that he has done so far for the constituency. 

They also appealed to the constituency executives in the Keta Municipality to ensure that local branches were active, committed and prepared for the general elections.

  The cadres resolved to work to consolidate the relative peace prevailing in the municipality, and expressed their appreciation for the very cooperative and respectful attitudes of their MPs.

They also expressed the hope that the MP for Keta Constituency, Hon. Dan Abodakpi, will receive a fair trial during his court appeal process.

"In the event of his inability to contest the elections for the Keta Constituency, the cadres will  ensure that a suitable candidate is elected to represent the constituency for the 2008 elections.

The cadres  reaffirmed their  support for the flag bearer of the NDC, Professor Evans Atta Mills, and wished him continued good health. They expressed their confidence and hope that come January 2009, he would be the next President of the Republic of Ghana .


Story by Timothy Gobah,

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