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31 March 2008 | General News

Global Water Initiative Project launched in Upper West Region


The Global Water Initiative (GWI), an NGO that seeks to support the sustainable and equitable delivery of potable water to vulnerable rural communities in the Upper West Region has been launched at Zambogu in the Nadowli West District.

The project is funded at a total cost of 432,454.10 Ghana cedis with Howard G. Buffet Foundation, an NGO providing 374,281.80 Ghana cedis, representing 86.5 per cent and the Catholic Relief Service (CRS) also an NGO contributing 58,172.30 Ghana cedis, representing 13.5 per cent.

Mr. Daniel Ayugane, Head of Programmes of CRS-Ghana who launched the project on Saturday, said the project would ensure that selected vulnerable rural communities in the two districts benefited from sustainable water sources and improved sanitation for healthy lives.

The project was designated to achieve this goal through three main strategic objectives such as empowering 10 local communities each in Lawra and Nadowli to manage their water resources sustainably.

It would also establish appropriate and sustainable water delivery and sanitation systems and build capacity and understanding among relevant authorities through training, logistical support for monitoring and participation advocacy forums.

GWI has supported communities in the Lawra, Bongo, East Mamprusi and Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo Districts to meet their water and sanitation needs through the provision of 16 boreholes, four hand-dug wells and 980 household latrines.

"Finding ways to put more equitable and sustainable water use and sanitation into practice as well as effecting behavioural change are the enormous challenges that the project seeks to tackle", he said.

The heads of the CRS programme say CRS has recognized that no single actor could provide the needed positive transformation in the lives of the people, especially those living in the rural areas.

It is for this reason that CRS would continue to collaborate with government and other development partners to avoid duplication of efforts and also to ensure that projects and programmes complement the development agenda of the various district assemblies.

Mr. Ayugane presented four Yamaha AG 100 motorcycles and two desktop computers to the two beneficiary districts to facilitate the project monitoring and supervision and for data keeping.

Wing Commander Eric Dakura (Rtd), District Chief Executive of Nadowli thanked the NGOs for the project and assured them of the assemblies' cooperation.

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