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26.03.2008 NDC News

NDC Defectors Speak Out

By Daily Guide
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A GROUP of National Democratic Congress (NDC) defectors to the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) in the Volta Region have accused their former party of misleading the people of Volta Region “into a situation of serial loss at the polls”, and asked Voltarians to embrace options that would enhance their welfare.

A statement issued in Accra and signed by the group leader, Daniel K. Lavoe, noted that the Volta Region cannot continue to remain in opposition always, and that it was the reason why they defected to the DFP.

They condemned the stage-managed press conference of the NDC through one Bello to create the impression that the DFP was not making a dent in the strength of the NDC in the Volta Region, and said their defection had proved that the DFP was strongly entrenched in the region.

The statement noted that the message of peace and stability being preached by the DFP was appealing to the defectors, and that a win in the 2008 elections by either the NDC or the New Patriotic Party (NPP) risked throwing the country into chaos and strife as neither was prepared to tolerate the success of the other.

“We the youth will be the victims of this development. Voting for the DFP will avoid this danger and furthermore, the campaign of insults and threats being waged by the NPP and the NDC against each other with the support of serial callers is unproductive and we welcome the DFP's emphasis on a campaign focused on issues of bread and butter that matter to the people of Ghana,” the statement noted.

It continued that “of particular interest to us is the avowed aim of the DFP to subsidise farmers and to target the welfare of the youth, thereby providing a vehicle for the new generation of Ghanaian youth, especially those of us born a few years before and after the 1979 uprising who have not yet had the benefit of any political experience and therefore have no political party we can claim to be our own.

“Another area of interest to us is the DFP's resolve to bring to Ghanaians a new face and style in the political life of this country, focusing on issues, principles and policies whilst avoiding insults, abuse, pettiness, violence, threats and political vendetta,” the statement added.

By James S. A. Kwashie

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