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21.03.2008 General News


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IN Luke Chapter 23 verse 34, the Holy Bible tells us that when Jesus was crucified at Calvary, the son of the Lord was jeered at by soldiers who carried out the crucifixion.

But instead of being angry with them, Jesus said; 'Father forgive them; for they know not what they do'.

The message of Easter is that Jesus died so that mankind shall have our sins forgiven. That is why we should imbibe the message of forgiveness as we prepare for the Easter season. In effect, Easter is a time of reconciliation.

On this auspicious occasion, let us all be reconciled with each other and move on as one people with a common destiny.

Indeed, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ which is an important event in the Christian calendar demonstrated God’s best self-giving to mankind.

That is why Christians must be upright in their dealings and desist from all acts that contradict the teaching and dictates of Jesus Christ.

As a nation, we have gone through periods of suffering, hunger, poverty, abuse of rights of individuals and families and moments of disunity and rancour in our quest for a humane society. In all these challenges, it is the faith in God that has kept the society moving.

The Times urges Christians to reflect on the suffering of the Lord Jesus Christ so that they can show love and concern for one another and unite to build a more prosperous nation and make life meaningful for all.

Let us allow the blood of Jesus Christ to heal our broken hearts and relationships as we reflect on Him at this period of passion and Easter.

We invite politicians especially, to reflect on this message and endeavour to build bridges instead of destroying the few existing ones.

It is also important, on such an auspicious occasion, to remind drivers to respect the driving code and drive safely.

Let us remember the familiar refrain; If you drink do not drive; If you drive do not drink. Mother Ghana needs all her citizens alive to contribute effectively towards the national reconstruction programme.

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