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20.03.2008 General News

When is the timing ever right?

By Accra Mail
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It may sound rhetorical, but we must ask this question: When was the timing right for our independence from Britain? When was the timing right for the construction of the Tema Motorway and Akosombo Dam.

When was the timing right for the construction of the pyramids in Egypt, Buckingham Palace in London, The White House in Washington, The Kremlin in Moscow, and The Champs Elysee in Paris? We can ask some more: When was the right time for the discovery of penicillin, going into space, introducing GM foods, etc?

Human development has always been multi track and not single track. There's been no one time in human evolution that human beings have not handled several tasks, no matter their condition, at the same time. Human beings, faced with the problem of feeding, also at the same time confront the requirement of shelter and clothing and other needs of the species – including procreation and even leisure and aesthetics.

In modern developmental terms, it is the same. That is why we are at a loss at all this noise being made by some people that the timing of the re-equipping of our Air Force is wrong because it is an Election Year. Does an Election Year mean we must curl up and go into hibernation? Should a government cease functioning in an Election Year? Should we renege on our defence responsibilities just because it is an Election Year? Come on, let's get serious! If in an Election Year our nation suffers external aggression or internal instability should we fold our arms and refuse to take action?

Sadly, but unsurprising too, members of the NDC, including the parliamentary group, with an eye on gaining political points in this Election Year are latching onto this bold and justified government decision and bashing it as though re-equipping our Air Force is a crime.

Well, it isn't. It is as patriotic as feeding school children and we call on the government to maintain its focus and do what is right for our country, even in this Election Year!

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