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19.03.2008 Health

Pay Attention To Your Personal Hygiene

By Daily Graphic
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During adolescence it becomes very important that you pay attention to good personal hygiene since your body undergoes physical changes during that period.

Most people, including teenagers, tend to sweat under their arms and other parts of the body. When young people appear unkempt and carry around them some body odour it breeds inferiority complex but this is something that can easily be avoided or sorted out.

Teenagers or adolescents must bath twice a day since the body becomes active and produces more sweat leading to unpleasant body smell. It is equally important that you clean your teeth twice in a day (morning and evening) with your hair kept clean and combed neatly.

Very often when young people develop body odour they are isolated by their friends because it is uncomfortable for others to stand the smell.

In order not to feel lonely there is the need for every adolescent to develop the habit of keeping him/herself neat so as to smell good at all times.

You need to put on clean underwear and outer garments and change them anytime you have a bath. Never wear an underwear twice without washing them thoroughly with soap so that your body will always smell fresh and clean.

Shave the hairs under your arm and trim the genital hair frequently, at least once a week to prevent it from overgrowing because when it overgrows it tends to absorb sweat which creates excessive body odour.

It is good to use anti-perspirant deodorant to prevent excessive sweating but in case you do not get access to one, you can try the traditional method which is equally good.

You can squeeze juice from fresh lime. This should be applied to the armpit and other parts of the body five to ten minutes before taking your bath. This is one of the most reliable and cheapest way of preventing body odour.

Girls should anticipate and prepare for their menstrual cycles so that they won't be caught unawares. Have at your disposal enough sanitary pads that will take you through the menstrual period.

If you are the type who experiences a heavy flow, change pads at least twice within a day to avoid uneasiness and stickiness. It is appropriate to wear proper sanitary pads and underwear in order not to soil yourselves.

If you are busty, wear the kind of bra that will firmly hold your breasts so that you will look smart. Be active.

Scientifically proven, certain foods and spices when eaten remain in the body for a long period and this can create body odour. Some of these include curry, fish, onions and garlic.

Keeping a clean appearance boosts your ego and if you are able to maintain the habit, it would help you to have a sound mind to study as it is always said, “a sound mind lives in a healthy body”.

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