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19.03.2008 General News

Man Lynched At Adabraka

By Daily Guide
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A suspected robber was found dead, partially covered with stones believed to have been used in lynching him in the early hours of Monday.

By the time DAILY GUIDE reached the scene, the mob which gathered to catch a glimpse of the spectacle had disappeared as the corpse awaited the arrival of crime scene operatives from the Criminal Investigations Department.

It was gathered that the man, in his thirties, had attempted removing the tail light of a vehicle from a nearby fitting workshop when luck ran out for him.

Workers in the workshop chanced upon the suspected robber who abandoned his mission after discovering that the end of the road was beckoning him.

It was too late as the workers raised an alarm which attracted others to the scene. Wielding sticks and all manner of objects, the mob beat the suspected robber until life was snuffed out of him.

There was no sympathy for him as evidenced from the utterances of people in the general area of the lynching.

The general opinion was that this should be the end of all robbers.
This certainly is not the view of the Police who have time without number issued releases calling on members of the public to desist from resorting to this method of dealing with suspects.

Suspects, the Police demand, should be handed over to them. There have been many instances of innocent persons falling victim to mob action.

In recent times, mobile phone thieves have been subjected to instant mob justice, a reflection of public anger to the phenomenon by usually young men riding on motorbikes.

A section of the public supports mob justice arguing that the judicial process takes too long and in most cases as they put it, suspects are either given short prison sentences or just left off the hook.

By A.R. Gomda,

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