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Edward Salia In Trouble

By Daily Guide
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INVESTIGATION CONDUCTED by DAILY GUIDE in the Jirapa constituency of the Upper West Region has revealed that the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Mr. Edward Salia is fast losing his supporters to the parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Justine B. Dakora.

The popularity of the NPP candidate, who is also the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the area, is growing while that of the NDC MP is the reverse.

More than 10 communities believed to be strongholds of Mr. Salia have been converted to the NPP while more are still joining in a drive to claim the seat for the NPP this year.

The latest community to defect to the NPP in honour of the DCE was Konzokala, a renowned NDC dominant community.

Most of the community members have registered their support for the candidate to ensure that the seat is snatched from the NDC.

This and several other incidents have led to a reduction in NDC activities in the constituency as the party keeps losing its supporters on daily basis.

Two communities, during a visit by DAILY GUIDE, said the DCE had impressed them while in office, and that mandating him as their MP was the only way they could honour him to further develop the district.

While some shouted his praises for his peaceful co-existence with the residents, others commended him for listening to them each time they came with a problem.

In other parts of the constituency, the electorate said they were discerning voters and would not allow their conscience to be bought, especially in an electioneering year when candidates came to dole out huge sums to them only to abandon them afterwards.

They told this paper in separate random interviews that it was time they voted based on practicality and dedication to duty to foster the development of the constituency.

Many of them alleged that the incumbent MP had not kept faith with them by failing to interact with them, and that his lengthy promises would no longer be tolerated.

They threatened to take whatever booty he had for the election and vote against him since he had succeeded on several occasions in deceiving them.

One of the seats the NPP is determined to snatch in the region is the Jirapa constituency. Several activities have been organised to that effect to strengthen the party against any propaganda that might derail its opportunities.

It was also uncovered that the formidable constituency youth wing of the party, which had suddenly become the envy of the others, was also gunning seriously towards the party's success in December.

When DAILY GUIDE contacted the Regional Party Chairman, Alhaji Abdulraman Abubakari, he confirmed that enough had been done to secure the Jirapa seat and that the party was not going to be complacent.

According to him, an outreach programme had been scheduled within the constituencies to gather first-hand information on the party's challenges.

The tone of a successful campaign, he noted, had been set and expressed optimism in the party winning significant seats, particularly the Wa East and West; Nawdowli East and West; Jirapa; Lawra-Nandom; Sissala East and West, and Wa Central constituencies.

The Chairman cautioned against the pursuance of clandestine activities by members of the party in the respective constituencies, saying they could fan disunity in the party.

Alhaji Short, as he is popularly called, urged all to address their grievances through the right channels to keep the party on track in the region.

From Stephen Zoure, Jirapa

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