14.02.2008 General News

GNAT Is Pathetic

By Daily Guide
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THE GHANA National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has become adamant, dormant and apathetic to the plight of some of its members, especially retired teachers who are struggling to receive their legitimate entitlements after several years of sacrificial service to Mother Ghana.

Maybe, that is a subtle way of lending a voice to the much vaunted saying that, 'the teacher's reward is in heaven' but not on earth.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Association is basking in ecstasy over past glory, and like the proverbial ostrich, has buried its head in the sand; no wonder the recent agitation for split in the association.

Grievances of retired teachers, who have not received their pension benefits either from the Controller and Accountant General's Department, or GNAT, are blatantly ignored and swept under the carpet.

Imagine this. The Controller and Accountant General's Department, Pension House, is taking one or one and half years to process retired teachers' monthly salary, and GNAT is taking same period of time to refund teachers' mutual fund contributions and other benefits. How then can the association address problems of members whose legitimate pension benefits are unduly delayed by other quasi-government agencies?

This is the predicament of some teachers who have just retired from the GES, and the situation is indeed causing worry, anxiety and frustration among them.

The leadership of GNAT must wake up from its slumber and perform to expectation.

J. K. Boadum Kintampo

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