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A book on a village in Ghana adjudged book of the month in New York

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A book written by an American philanthropist to help bring development projects to the village of Mafi Sasekpe in the Volta Region has been adjudged the book of the month in New York.

The book, “Saving Grace, when fate Steps In” written by Joann Denise Bellamy was nominated by readers world-wide and recognized by the Sugar and Spice Book Club of New York who announced the award last month.

As part of the award, Ms. Joann Bellamy was hosted to a dinner attended by other renowned authors in the USA and given the opportunity to talk about her book and why she decided to write a book aimed at raising funds to develop a village in Ghana.

According to the Sugar and Spice Book Club at their website, “everyone writes for a reason but Joann Denise Bellamy's reason is spectacular.

“Saving Grace was written as a vehicle to getting clean, safe, water and other basic needs to the village of Mafi Sasekpe, in West Africa, enhancing the quality of life for all”, she stated.

In a phone interview from her New York base, Ms Ballamy told the GNA, “it is great to know that people have recognized my effort to make life more meaningful to the people of Mafi Sasekpe and its environs.

“Hopefully there would be a major breakthrough for this book to sell more in order for me to do more.

“I am also encouraging Ghanaians to also buy the book,” she said.

She said she was particularly interested in the children and women and had been sending them school supplies, clothes and other items periodically..

Ms Bellamy has already donated proceeds from sales of the book so far to the Mafi Sasekpe Develpoment Committee.

The book features some Ghanaian names and is about faith and family, love and compassion and forgiveness of others, and the ability to forgive oneself.

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