07.02.2008 General News

Chadian government in total control

By GBC News
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Chad's president has appeared in public for the first time since an attempted coup, saying the government has successfully repulsed the rebels. President Idriss Deby told newsmen that the government is in total control, not only of the capital, but of all the country.In N'Djamena, dead bodies left on the streets since rebels fled on Sunday, are being collected by aid workers.Meanwhile, the French Defence Minister is on a visit to show his support.Sources says the army and French soldiers can be seen patrolling the streets. Also attack helicopters can be heard taking off to go and bomb rebel positions outside the city.Reports say thanks to intelligence and logistics provided by the French military they will be hunting for the rebel's 200 pick-up trucks which withdrew after the heavy battles over the weekend.Although the former French colony has a history of coups, last week's fighting was the most violent in decades.

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