06.02.2008 Disaster

Family Wiped Out

By Daily Guide
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Ehiamenkyene, a farming village near Kete-Krachi in the Volta Region was last week thrown into a state of mourning when a family perished after being caught in a fire.

A man, his wife and child died one after the other at the Krachi Government Hospital after they were rushed there following the inferno.

Kweku Momose, 40, a farmer; Cynthia, his pregnant wife and their three-year old child were reportedly fatally burnt on Sunday January 20, as they gathered in their room to watch the opening ceremony of the 26th MTN African Cup of Nations between Ghana and Guinea.

A fourth person, whose name was simply given as Catherine, is the only survivor, but is said to be in a very critical condition at the Krachi Government Hospital.

According to residents, the cause of the fire could be attributed to the hoarding of drums of petrol in one of the three rooms in the house.

Eye-witnesses told DAILY GUIDE that Momose, who was in the habit of hoarding petrol in the house for retailing, had just served one of his numerous customers when the fire started.

The source narrated that while Momose, Cynthia, the child, and Catherine (a visitor) were watching the match in a room, a man on a motorbike pulled up to purchase petrol, and that after serving him, Kweku asked Cynthia to clean the floor with a rag.

“It was while the wife was cleaning the floor that a bowl fell from her hand, sparking off the fire”, the source said.

The three-room house immediately burst into flames, trapping all its occupants.

Both hospital and police sources have confirmed the incident, with the latter blaming it on the hoarding of petroleum products.

As part of initial investigations, the police picked up the father of Kweku Momose (name withheld) but he was later released after questioning.

The petrol retail business by individuals, residents revealed, had become a booming business in the area, and a number of youth were said to be involved in it.

All the three victims have since been buried. Bennett Akuaku

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