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Moslems Are Prudent - Osei Ameyaw

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MR. KOFI Osei Ameyaw, Member of Parliament (MP) for the Asuogyaman Constituency, has challenged the assertion that Moslems have predominantly voted against the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and would do so again during the next general elections.

“Let no one ever think that Islam as a religion or Moslems for that matter are the preserve of any political party in this country. What saddens me is the fact that while the government is trying to restore dignity to all communities in the country, some politicians are making statements that portray the NPP as an anti-Moslem party. It is time we told our story and, based on the records, judge among ourselves which political party is anti-Moslem and which party has really helped the Moslems of this country,” Osei-Ameyaw told DAILY GUIDE over the weekend.

He said the NPP government could boast of development projects in both Christian and Moslem communities, and has demonstrated convincingly that it has the highest respect for Moslems and people of other religions.

“Ours is not to go to Moslem communities and recruit the youth to perpetuate violence at political programmes. Ours is to find jobs for the youth, be they Moslems or Christians and the NYEP it there to show for it. Ours is not to train 'Azorka Boys' but rather to make sure that every child is in school and the Capitation Grant is there to prove it. Ours is not to sit and complain that Moslems cannot go on Hajj but to get a plane for them to get there and the records are there to prove it. Moslems are not fools. They know what is good and would go for it. People must stop portraying the NPP as anti-Moslem.

“In the past, we allowed all sorts of vain propaganda to be used against our party. Some have lied that if our Moslem brothers and sisters voted for the NPP and we win, we would drive them away from the Zongos. Some have said the NPP is anti-Moslem and that our government would not develop the Moslem communities. While people lost their lives, other wicked politicians tried to score cheap political points from the Yendi crisis and other trouble spots dominated by Moslems,” Osei-Ameyaw stated.

He was speaking to DAILY GUIDE at his constituency last Sunday when he attended a thanksgiving prayer ceremony held by the Moslem community in the Akosombo District. The service was held to thank Allah, and honour the MP for personally sponsoring 10 Moslems from his constituency to this year's Hajj at a cost of GH¢3,010.

The ceremony, which was attended by all Imams, Mallams, and members of the Islamic community in Akosombo, was used to confer an honorary title of “Warrior of the Zongo Community in the Akosombo District” on Kofi Osei-Ameyaw.

The Moslem leaders also adorned the MP in a white gown, an Islamic shoulder scarf and a skull cap. An 'Aduah', special Islamic prayer, was also said for him and he was given a skin.

In his address, Osei-Ameyaw called on Moslem youth not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to perpetuate violent acts.

He reminded them that Islam is a religion of peace, and that it was the wish of Allah for them to live at peace among themselves. The MP promised to sponsor more Moslems to perform the Hajj this year, and said he was doing this at great expense because he believes in the teachings of Islam and the Holy Prophet.

He continued: “As I travel all over the world, I have met very senior Moslems who have told me that it is education that has taken them to the top. I challenge the Moslem youth to take education seriously, and I am convinced they can become the leaders of this country tomorrow. Some of the founding fathers of the NPP tradition are Moslems. Our Vice President is a Moslem; we have Ministers, MPs and DCEs who are Moslems. I have married a Moslem and I know Moslems are good people. Let us live in harmony, peace and work together for the good of our community and country,” the MP noted.By Halifax Ansah-Addo

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