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I’m Still King - Sri

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I’m Still King - Sri
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TOGBUI SRI III, the Awoamefia of Anlo has denied media reports that he has abdicated the Awoamezi (Anlo Stool) for the sake of peace in the Anlo Traditional Area.

In a sharp rebuttal to a Daily Graphic publication of Monday, January 14, 2008 with the headline “Torgbui Sri 'Abdicates'…Calls for probe into Anlo crisis,” the Awoamefia said he had not told the said reporter of the purported abdication.

He said there was no iota of truth in the publication, and expressed worry over the sentiments and comments the publication had generated in Anlo.

Torgbui Sri stated that he only expressed his concern and disappointment over the inability of the security agencies to investigate, arrest and prosecute the real culprits who incited the violence that caused the death of and injury to innocent persons including a policeman at Anloga during the reconciliation ceremonies.

“The Anlos want to know who are behind the 1st November 2007 incident. Nobody is above the law and those who have killed with the seized AK47 rifles which are in the hands of civilians should be brought to book.”

Asked if he had the power to abdicate the throne as indicated in the story, Torgbui said: “I was calling for a presidential commission on the incident. I had never said I wanted to abdicate, but I only said if the need arises I'll step aside for the independent commission to do its work.”

He referred to what was happening in the media concerning the Anlo chieftaincy issue as part of the “Game Plan” of the media, who he accused of cashing in on the situation to the detriment of Anloland.

“It is the orchestration on the part of a section of the media; it is their game plan,” he said, adding “whoever thinks Torgbui Sri was not properly installed should go ahead and install his own chief.”

Torgbui Sri told DAILY GUIDE that he did not have the power to abdicate since he was installed by kingmakers and by their tradition, the same kingmakers would have to settle that using traditional procedures to be initiated by the royals.

He assured the people of Anlo that he was more interested in the development of the Anlo State than being the overlord of the area.

“Anlo is bigger than all of us and it is my wish to ensure that the place is peaceful for developmental projects to be initiated.

“I want to assure the kingmakers, citizens and the people of the Anlo Traditional Area that we were united in Notsie and must remain united as such,” he pointed out.

In a related development, the Royal Adzovia Clan of Anlo has reacted to the said publication and stated that Torgbui Sri had not abdicated.

“The Kingmakers, the Stool Council and elders of the Royal Adzovia Clan, at its emergency meeting held at the Central Stool House, Anloga, today Thursday 17th January, 2008, issued this public statement to inform and clarify the statement concerning Torgbui Sri III and his purported 'abdication' published in the Daily Graphic of Monday 14th January, 2008,” a statement issued by the clan said.

The statement, which was signed by Napoleon Agboada, the Awoamefia Stool Secretary, and copied to the Chief of Staff, the Castle, Minister of Chieftaincy Affairs, National Security, the Inspector-General of Police, the Director-General-CID, Registrar at the Volta Regional House of Chiefs and the Media, buttressed Torgbui Sri's assertion that he had not abdicated after all.

“We take the opportunity to remind the general public that matters concerning the Awoamezi, including installation, destoolment, abdication, are purely customary issues that can only be settled through traditional procedures initiated by the Royals and not through newspaper statements,” it indicated.

The statement appealed to the media that: “Henceforth, any such media publication without the consent of the kingmakers should be ignored, or clarification sought from the appropriate quarters or persons who have the capacity and authorized to do so.”

It urged the public and citizens of Anlo not be alarmed about the recent publication but remain calm.

“The installation and outdooring of Torgbui Sri III as the Awoamefia of Anlo on 3rd November, 2007 and his subsequent acceptance by the Anlo Traditional Council still stands. For the avoidance of doubt, Torgbui Sri III remains the overlord of Anlo,” it underlined.By Bennet Akuaku

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