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‘Who is akronfuohene?’

By The Statesman
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"That they say the Elephant Family has selected the akronfuohene to rule over the Kowa Traditional Area?" Togbe exclaimed whilst going through the Kowa newspapers.

"This is utter nonsense! Is the person who made this statement saying that the over a dozen and half Adehye who vied for the slot are known to be akronfuo … attaa-ayifuoi? Whoever made this inflammatory statement must be called to book immediately", he continued.

Daavie, who heard her husband murmuring rushed into the sitting room. "What's happening to you, old man?"

"Nothing! Why don't you mind your own business, old woman", Togbe Koblavie Dzakuma reacted harshly.

"I must be worried because you just recovered from that serious illness. Please, take it easy. Any bad news?" she asked in a soft tone.

"Oh, there they come!" he exclaimed and headed towards the verandah to welcome them.

"Good morning, Old Boy!" Opanyin Yaw Boakye and Agya Kow Dadzie greeted Togbe and his wife.

"We're fine but … but …" Daavie answered but she was quickly interrupted by the old man.

"But … but … what? Konkonsa-aberewa, keep quiet!" reacted Togbe.

Daavie smiled and asked the grand kids to arrange chairs for the visitors under the mango tree.

"Have you read the papers this morning?" asked Opanyin Boakye.

"Oh, yes! I'm mad about that stupid statement", said Togbe.

"It must be the topic Yaw and I were discussing few minutes ago on our way here", noted Agya Kow.

"Well, before we get to the real business, let's have some koko and kose, my brothers".

"Thanks, we've just had our breakfast in Kow's house", Opanyin Boakye said.

"Now, Old Boys, look at this newspaper", Togbe passed it on to them.

"What? Who made this insulting statement? Is that person in his right senses?" shouted Opanyin Boakye, who quickly threw the paper to Agya Kow.

"Oh, I see! Is that what he's saying? He must be made to prove this serious allegation", added Agya Kow.

Togbe went into his bedroom and came back with the favourite Schnapps Gin. " Old Boys, let's wash down our throats with this before we go down to business. I won't even take the koko and kose".

Opanyin Boakye shook his head repeatedly as he read the story. "And so he's saying that all our Adehye are akronfuo, eh? That the Odehye Krokron too is the akrofuohene, eh? This is a very, very serious allegation that must be substantiated, else that person must be taken to court. Ese se ye saman no. He just can't make such a stupid allegation and then be left off the hook".

Agya Kow was quiet for few seconds and then burst out. "Well, if you read the other paper, he's saying that he prefers going behind the bars to saying 'I'm sorry'. Of course, we can't force him to retract the statement".

Opanyin Boakye noted: "He must apologise, else he'll live to regret. That the statement was made at a large durbar of the Akatawia Family prior to the Elephant Family big meeting to select their leader. As for me, I'll urge those who were maligned to seek redress".

Togbe poured some of the liquor into his glass. "Yaw, Kow won't you taste it? As I told you, I wish to state emphatically that, that ntontom- man has bitten more that he can chew and he'll pay dearly for his insulting behaviour.

"Now, listen to me. We've gone a long way to stop these insults in our amanyosem. Listen to what the Elephant Family Odehye Kronkron said just after his selection. He appealed to his colleagues from the other Families to, as much as possible, avoid insults and issues that would divide the Kowa Traditional Area. And this must be accepted by all of us".

Reacted Agya Kow: "We agree with him. But how many times haven't we heard members and leaders of all these Families insulting each other publicly and at their durbars? It does happen during these periods of scramble for the Ahyenfie Stool and we should ignore some of these little, little things".

Togbe quickly emptied his glass and screamed at his friend. "What's wrong with you, Kow? Ignore this serious allegation? That anybody can just get up and insult everybody? That these distinguished leaders of the Elephant Family are akronfuo, isn't it? And that the Elephant Odehye Kronkron is branded as the akrofuohene? What! This is abominable … a taboo. It must be treated with the contempt that is deserves.

"Let's take our minds back decades ago when these same people treated us like slaves. They made us to sleep at six, wake up at six for over 12 solid months. They slaughtered some innocent Kowaians like fowls and sent the then Amanhene to the gallows. They looted the Kowa treasury, no doubt we're struggling like babies trying to learn how to walk. Indeed, they're the cause of Kowa problems.

"Lastly, I want to state that I'm prepared to stake my last pension pesewa to ensure that this ntontom- man pays dearly for his reckless statement. Se papa nye hwee a, bone nso nye hwee", Togbe declared, as the friends emptied their glasses.

By Stanley A Twum-Barima

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