11.01.2008 Regional News

Reaction to declaration made by the Awadada chiefs

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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The Awadada, Chiefs and Clan Heads of the Anlo State herby wish to react to the news of a purported delaration which has captured the air waves and the print media, since Sunday 6th January 2008 and hereby deny knowledge, preparation and endorsement of the purported declaration by the Awadada, Chiefs and Clan Heads even though it bears the official letter head of the Awadada.

A declaration should have a signature or signatories of the author or authors and to the extent that it does not emanate under their hands and signatures, casts doubt on its authenticity.

Nevertheless, the Awadada, Chiefs and Clan Heads of the Anlo, wish to assuage the hurt feelings of those who in one way or the other have been mentioned in the purported declaration which was meant to be an attack on untruths peddled on events in the Anglo Kingdom.
We wish to assure all political parties, their leaders and activist that they are welcome in Anloland to pursue their political activities, since we are peace-loving people and believe in the Rule of Law and Democracy.

The Anlo people have no problem with any political party or its leaders. Our problem is with the use of the security forces to brutalize and suppress the Anlo people.

Our apology goes unreservedly to our President J.A. Kuffour and the ruling N.P.P for the references made to them in that purported declaration.

The Awadada and Chiefs of Anlo will not be a party to such vituperations, which they seem unpalatable.

We believe that whatever is raised by the purported declaration, shall henceforth be put to rest. Signed by

Chris A. Ackummey for and on behalf of the Awadada, Chiefs and Clan Heads of Anlo

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