04.01.2008 General News

Chiefs and Elders in Bawku urged to make peace

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Brigadier General Joseph Adinkra, Commander of the Northern Command of the Ghana Armed Forces, on Thursday appealed to the Chiefs and Elders of the Bawku Municipality to talk to their people to lay down their arms and stop the fighting.

Speaking to the Chiefs at their separate Palaces, he told them that they were the best people who could help the Security Personnel restore peace in the Bawku area, as they were the right people who could convince their people to see the damage and retrogression that the conflict was causing.

Brigadier General Adinkra was on a visit to the Bawku Municipality to assess the extent of damage caused by the violence and whether there was the need for reinforcement of Security Personnel to the area.

"History has shown that conflict always hinders development. We must learn from the past and avoid conflict", he said.

The Chiefs, Naaba Abugrago Asigri Azoka the Second, Bawku Chief and Alhaji Ibrahim Adam Zangbeo, Regent of the Mamprusi, said they would appeal to their people to stop fighting and asked that Government do a thorough investigation to find the root cause of the recurrent conflict in the area.

They explained that it was only through an unbiased analysis of the root cause of the conflict that could bring a lasting solution.

Brigadier Gen. Adinkra visited various sections of the Municipality that were most affected. These include, the lorry park, Saabon Gerie, Pussom and the Animal Market where many houses were burnt.

Some houses were singled out and burnt since one could see a house or two burnt while the next house remained untouched.

The usual busy market in Bawku was today quiet and people sold and bought only basic necessities.

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