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03.01.2008 General News

Koforidua remains sleepy after New Year celebrations


Koforidua township remains sleepy a day after it ushered in the New Year with much fanfare and revelry.

As at 09:30 hours on Wednesday morning, many residents were now rousing from their slumber while the hurly-burly witnessed at many lorry parks during the pre-yuletide season seemed to have evaporated.

At the Koforidua main bus terminal, many stores remained closed, while the activities of hawkers seemed minimal and casual.

Most hair dressing salons and tailoring shops were also not operating and it was believed that the owners were having some respite to replenish their health following a traditionally frenzied period when demands for their services normally went up.

Even television mechanics' shops were closed as were some of the traditional vendors of food and other items.

The Main Market area was devoid of the usual congestion and the hectic vehicular traffic normally experienced during the morning rush hour was minimal or non-existent at some intersections along the main arterial routes of the municipality.

Banks too did not have the usual clogging of patrons usually seen in the mornings.

Famed for its knack for celebrations and outings, Koforidua, the capital town of the New Juaben Municipality might probably be experiencing a 'jet-lag' and by Thursday, which is a market day, 'the city of flowers' would roused itself from the fleeting slumber.