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01.01.2008 General News

Christians must install Christ as anti-virus


Christians in Ghana, on the eve of New Year joined their counterparts all over the world to observed watch night service to herald the year 2008.

The Reverend Patrick Kofi Ntim Manteaw, Pastor in charge of the Asylum Down Presbyterian Church, Accra, urged Christians to install Christ as anti-virus in their lives to enable them to fight against negative spiritual forces.

He said: "like the computer, we as Christians need anti-virus to deal with all viruses that would attack our lives, be it sickness, death, troubles."

He advised Christians to be careful about words that come out of the mouths and be mindful of people who always plotted evil against others.

Rev. Manteaw assured Christians that with Christ as an anti-virus in their lives everything would be alright and urged them to continue to have faith in the Lord and lead holy lives. Rev. Manteaw led the congregation to pray for the nation as asked for God's blessing in 2008. When it was midnight members shouted praises and danced to show their appreciation to God.

At the Christ Apostolic Church, Osu, Accra, Apostle Stephen Amoaning, Chairman of the Church, said 2008 would be a year of release from bondage of devil and spiritual restoration and urged Christians to lead upright lives that would please God.

He noted that Christians needed a new dimension of wisdom, success, prophetic interception, spiritual desperation and supernatural provision of blessings, which should not be allowed to slip by without them receiving any.

Apostle Amoaning said "At the end of every seven years, Christians must prepare for the blessings of the Lord so that those who are in sorrow will be glad, those in debt would be freed and those in bondage would be freed." He prophesied that those who were least recognised in society would be exalted in 2008 and they would be overwhelmed by God's righteousness.

Apostle Amoaning said Christians needed anointing that would prepare them for God's glory in the New Year, adding, "Christians had walked through God's favour for a very long time and the time had come for them to move into his presence." He prayed for a smooth and successful election this year and rged politicians to propagate peace and togetherness as they went about their electioneering campaigning to the 2006 Election.