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21.12.2007 General News

Christians Urged To Develop Right Attitudes

The Reverend Isaac Clayton Trawick of Christ Pentecostal International Church (CPIC), a US-based Ghanaian International Evangelist in Chicago, has appealed to Christians to stop being religious and to develop the right kind of attitude in the Kingdom of God in order to attain its full benefits.
'Many Christians don't know who they are in Christ and that has affected their attitude. Your attitude determines your future and until you become the real you, you can never become what God wants you to become. Your attitude is determined by the value perception of your own self. We are still bound with the chains of religion. We need to come out from religion and step into the kingdom', he stated.
He expressed regret that Christians today allowed their lives to be dictated by tradition and custom rather than by the word and principle of God and pointed out that this was responsible for the poverty and low standards of living they were experiencing and complained about.
'We need not hold to tradition and custom in the kingdom and we must know that Christianity is responsibility', he said.   Rev  Trawick was speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on the final day of a four day special impartation service hosted by Pastor Patrick Adu Twum, of the Sunyani Branch of Word Miracle Church International in Sunyani.