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21.12.2007 NPP News

Kufuor destroying NPP?

By Chronicle
Kufuor destroying NPP?

The alleged interference of the President in the campaigning activities of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential aspirants and particularly his open support for Alan Kyerematen is gathering heavy clouds amidst tension ahead of the party Congress on Saturday, as the party's youth in the three Northern Regions have threatened to pull out of the 2008 general elections.

The group, which calls itself the Concerned Youth of the NPP is made up of Issah Seidu, regular radio commentator, Abdul Ghaniu, an administrator at Northern Link, a company owned by Tamale Municipal Chief Executive, Amin Anta, Illiasu Idrisu, NPP youth, and Alhassan Abdulai of NPP crab movement. They noted that the party was currently under serious threat as result of the decision that has been taken by President Kufuor to support one of the aspirants. They warned that delegates from the three northern regions would not know peace if they allowed any money spreading aspirant to emerge winner.

The aggrieved youth group made these statements at a press briefing in Tamale to express their discontentment about some unwarranted practices associated with campaign activities of the party's presidential aspirants and the deliberate disregards to the NPP code of conduct. According to the group, the dangerous tactics, intimidation and "moneycracy" being employed by the presidency to execute a plan that would favour Alan Kyerematen against the rest of the 17 credible candidates, was likely to kill the spirit in NPP.

They stated emphatically that, they were unhappy about the deliberate schemes being used by some executives of the NPP including the President of the republic to push the interest of Alan Kyerematen at the expense of the others.

The group declared that, the use of District Chief Executives, Metropolitan and Municipal Chief Executives was a clear case of presidential manipulation, intimidation and support for Alan.

They asserted that almost all the DCEs in the country especially Northern part of Ghana were campaign managers for Alan Kyerematen and cited the Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) Mohammed Adam Amin-Anta as one of them.

The NPP youth who accused Alan's campaign team of issuing out post-dated cheques to party delegates to widen his chances, also hinted about ongoing secret exercise by the presidency to summon the recently elected delegates to a meeting in Accra where they would be enticed with money or intimidated.

"The President is treating this internal contest as if it is a general elections against the NDC, CPP and others. His undue interference, intimidation and obscene use of money for Alan will be a heavy blow to the NPP's traditional values and hard won reputation, with dire consequences for our electoral chances", they said.

The angry NPP youth who called on the Mac Manu led National Executives of the NPP to immediately take action against the dangerous schemes of the President and his boy, Alan also challenged President Kufuor who is also delegate himself to respect the NPP and stop bringing the name of the presidency into disrepute.

"Delegates must bear in mind that we are serious and furious and without trying to be mysterious in demanding of them to see themselves as delegates chosen to represent the popular will of their constituent and not the popular cash for the pockets of a mere 2, 300 of our party members".