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20.12.2007 Editorial

Happy Baraka Da Sallah

By Daily Guide

WE TODAY heartily join our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to celebrate the Eid-Ul-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, an occasion of reflection on the belief in Allah by Prophet Abraham, when he listened to Allah's command to sacrifice his only son, Ishmael.

Prophet Abraham's total subservience to Allah's call should also be the clarion call on Ghanaian Muslims to rededicate themselves fully to the tenets of Islam, taking into account that the religion is full of compassion.

It is very sad to note that some of our brothers in the Islamic faith, by their actions, are soiling the objective of this noble religion. Utterances and actions of some of them portray the religion as a violent entity, and sometimes Sharia is implemented to their own advantage.
Ghanaians have different faiths so we have to jealously guard our present secular state. Nothing should be done to bring about a rift between the various faiths and above all, no faith should claim to be superior to another. We are all journeying on the same path to Allah or God but through different routes.

This paper will also take the opportunity on this glorious day to admonish the Muslim community to embrace secular education to enhance the lives of their children.

The erstwhile notion of some of our Muslim brethren that by allowing their children to attend secular schools, the kids will be indoctrinated to become Christians, should be erased from their minds.

We are now living in a global village where education plays a vital role in development. The attendance of 'Makaranta' schools alone by children of our Muslim colleagues, could only breed future Muslim children without the necessary educational foundation and because of this lack of secular education, these children will by all means, if care is not taken, become social misfits and deviants who may be compelled to find all means to survive, whether fair or foul.

Today is a day for Muslims not only to dress nicely, go in for their prayers and return to feast lavishly. It should also be a day of inner reflection for them to properly and fully work with their neighbours in the socio-economic development of the country.

Notwithstanding all these, we on this paper wish our brothers and sisters of the Islamic faith a very happy Eid, reminding them that their pious presentation to the public today should not be a one day wonder but a habit which should be their guiding principle in life.

To blend this beautiful religion, which is scarcely known by those of the other faiths, would it not be appropriate to teach it at our second cycle educational institutions as part of the moral and religious education curriculum of the Ghana Education Service (GES)?
For it will not be fair if we make Muslims feel that they are not part and parcel of the larger society. They should rejuvenate themselves and come on board in the socio/economic development of the country. In fact, they have a big role to play and should therefore be given that recognition.
Having said that, it is up to our Muslim brothers to be seen to be up and doing in our fight against ignorance, illiteracy and poverty.

Muslims should not throw themselves into the abyss of dejection. They are our kith and kin and should regard themselves as such.

On this happy day, DAILY GUIDE shares in their joy, taking into consideration that their Ghanaian colleagues now on the Hajj in Mecca will mercifully remember them in their prayers and rituals at the Ka'ba and Mount Arafat.

We wish all our brothers and sisters of the Muslim faith a happy Baraka da Salla and may Allah graciously send his serene peace on all of them.

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