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17.12.2007 Education

Tertiary students learn skills in job seeking, workplace ethics


A day's seminar on job seeking, interview techniques, workplace ethics and conducts aimed at preparing graduates to meet employers' requirements and expectations during the job search was on Saturday held for selected tertiary students in Tema.

The seminar, the first in a series organised by Synergy Concepts Competence (SCC) a non governmental organisation based in Tema was on the theme; “successful job search and retention in the 21st century”.

It sought to educate the participants mainly from the University of Ghana, Legon, for the practical work environment similar to what exists in the modern open markets societies around the world.

Ms. Phylicia Mortey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the SCC, who is also an International Development Specialist called on students to develop their skills to make them marketable in seeking for jobs.

She noted that, while Ghanaian graduates are academically prepared for the workplace, most of them lack the practical skills and conducts that are globally acceptable to most modern-day local and international employers.

Ms Mortey, currently based in the United States advised graduate students to guide against the bad practice where some workers use office hours for unproductive things and rather be innovative and exhibit good human relations which are prerequisite for successful interviews and job seeking to gain jobs.

In order to create a more efficient, effective and globally competitive Ghanaian workforce to help Ghana develop its human and economic resources, she said, her NGO has opened a centre in Tema to offer counselling for the students to meet employer's requirements after which they would be assisted in gaining jobs.

The centre, which is equipped with computers and accessories as well as periodicals would also serve as a research base for the students.

The Synergy Concepts therefore seeks to address the lack of necessary practical skills that its target group need to successfully prepare and retain the numerous jobs the current Ghanaian economic recovery is creating.

For students to develop their potentials from the onset, Ms Mortey said she plans to embark on educational drive in the Senior High Schools starting from Tema to be extended to other areas to impart the knowledge in students, noting that in Ghana, children are not encouraged to unearth their talents as they are often scolded.