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15.12.2007 Editorial

The Ho Slaughterhouse

By Daily Guide

The disgusting pictures of the Ho Municipal Assembly slaughterhouse published in DAILY GUIDE yesterday must engage the prompt attention of the assembly to improve conditions there.

The slaughterhouse which was alleged to have been built about 33 years ago, lacked water, washrooms, drainage system for disposal of waste and many other important facilities which would modernize the facility.

As a result of the situation, butchers on one side and dogs, vultures and flies on the other, fought for their share of meat at the slaughterhouse. One can imagine the dangers the situation poses to the consuming public.

Indeed, 33 years ago that slaughterhouse might have befitted the status of Ho, but today that slaughterhouse can no longer serve the interest of the meat-consuming public in the municipality.

What would be spent to treat sick persons who contract diseases through consumption of the contaminated meat would be far more than the amount that would be spent in providing facilities at the slaughterhouse in order to keep diseases at bay.

The Ho Municipal Assembly must therefore try and source money immediately to provide an appropriate slaughterhouse to protect the lives of the people.

We believe similar conditions are prevailing in other parts of the country. They might not be slaughterhouses, but the old-time pit latrines in some big towns.

Some of those places of convenience remained unhygienic and were comfortable places for pigs and fowls.

Those animals visit such filthy places regularly and return to the house with infections.

Visitors to those neighbourhoods feel disturbed about the state of affairs but the people, who have been living with such insanitary conditions for sometime, do not see anything wrong with the situation as they feel it is part of human life.

It is no wonder the outbreak of diarrhoea and allied sicknesses are rampant in such environments.

District assemblies must intensify their efforts in educating the people about personal hygiene and the need to keep their surroundings clean.

The Ho slaughterhouse is the property of the Municipal Assembly, for that matter it is a public property. It therefore behoves everyone in Ho to be concerned about the slaughterhouse since whatever happens there would affect all residents.

DAILY GUIDE appeals to the authorities of the municipality to make every effort to salvage the sinking image of the slaughterhouse and save lives also.

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