10.12.2007 General News

Use arts, music as tools for development--Karlsson

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Developing countries have been asked to use Arts and Music as an inspirational tool for making the right choices in their quest to achieve economic success.

“Development is about choices and not knowledge and finance.”

Mr. Mats Karlsson, outgoing country director of the World Bank was speaking at a farewell musical concert show held in his honour in Accra on Saturday.

Mr. Karlsson said it is through music and arts that the mind opens to the truth for the right choices to be made.

He said if Ghanaians make the right choices, the country can achieve economic growth.

“Money is not enough in achieving development, you need to look into your heart and be inspired by arts and music to make the right choice. World Bank is important; budget is important; but you need to make an important choice in your chosen career,” he said.

He said development cannot be achieved in a country which has been over politicized adding, ”technocrats, bureaucrats need to work as fast as they can to ensure economic growth.”

Mr. Karlsson said because free trade is helping the weaker countries, Ghana must look outwards and join the global market in order to achieve economic success.

He said developing countries need to work harder before the policies introduced by the World Bank can succeed.

Mr. Karlsson, who is leaving Ghana after serving for five years as the Bank's Country Representative said, ”people need to judge for themselves what I have achieved so far.”

He leaves for a duty tour in Morocco and has pledged to maintain links between North Africa, Europe and West Africa.

The Young Students of Ghana, Inter-faith Waste Management Initiative and the La Por Por Group presented plaques in honour of Mr. Karlsson.

There was a display of artworks by artiste, Dr. Atta Kwami and sculptor Kofi Sertodzi as well as performances by musicians like Rex Omar, Yasmeen Helwani, Ebo Taylor, Gyedu Blay Ambolley and some traditional music groups.

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